I Am Vanessa Guillen

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I Am Vanessa Guillen 2022

When a young Mexican-American soldier disappears while staying at a US military base, his family ignites an international movement to find him and expose the ongoing corruption in the military. Vanessa Guillen, who has dreamed of enlisting in the military all her life, disappears after she reports that she was sexually assaulted at Fort Hood military base in Texas. After two months of searching, Vanessa's body is found in a rural area near the base. This incident, which led to the reaction of the army officers, brings with it a struggle for justice. Bringing the story of her sisters Lupe and Mayra's struggle with street protests to make Vanessa's voice heard, this film also reveals the behind-the-scenes of the two brothers' determined efforts to change the deeply rooted military justice system that has created controversy. Featuring interviews with Vanessa's family and friends, as well as elected officials such as Congressman Jackie Speier and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Ben Vanessa Guillen impressively and candidly demonstrates what a family's love can do despite an incredible law.

Jackie Speier
Jackie Speier